Cartiera acts locally and thinks globally, thanks to a network of national and international partners.

Lai-momo social coop.

Lai-momo social cooperative is a founding partner of Cartiera: they share common mission and values while Lai-momo’s twenty-year experience in the field of cultural exchange contributes to Cartiera’s direction.

Founded in 1995 and established as a social cooperative in July 2016, Lai-momo operates in Bologna and the surrounding area working in closely-related sectors: society and immigration, school and training, communication and publication. The cooperative’s communication activities, which include its running of the biannual journal “Africa e Mediterraneo“, are one of its main tools for spreading ideas and contents in the field of intercultural dialogue, social innovation, critical consumption and cultural cooperation.

The projects run by Lai-momo in the social sector see the provision of services which address issues relating to immigration and the promotion of well-being among people and groups of people in situations of social hardship. The lines of intervention undertaken support individual autonomy through a systematic approach, focusing on both the individual person and their relationship: with local administrative bodies, services, associations and cultural events. By using work as a tool for integration, Cartiera seeks to emanate the experience and methodology of Lai-momo.


the Ethical Fashion Initiative of the United Nations

The Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) is a program run by the International Trade Centre of the United Nations which seeks to integrate craftsmen and small enterprises from developing countries into the international production chain of high-end fashion. As part of the EFI vision, fashion is seen as a creative industry which does not have to satisfy itself with investor profits, but which can focus on sustainable development, partnerships and connections. For this reason, EFI supports the potential for growth of African fashion, encouraging the emergence of ethical collaborations between artisans from across the continent.
In January 2017, the EFI programme successfully secured funding from the European Commission’s (EU) Trust Fund for Africa in order to carry out the project entitled “Job Creation and Sustainable Development of Micro-enterprises through the Management of Ethical Fashion, Lifestyle and Interior Design Supply Chains in Burkina Faso and Mali”. As the Italian partner in the project, Lai-momo Social Cooperative organises the activities aimed at asylum seekers and migrants currently residing in the reception centres in Bologna and the surrounding province. Inspired by the vision of the EFI, Cartiera was founded in the wake of this experience of professional training, with the aim of providing an even greater opportunity for work.
The Cartiera project runs in accordance with the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations. The Agenda underlines the importance of the involvement of the private sector in the transfer of business culture and capabilities, in organisational and technological innovation, in the respecting of the environment, in social sustainability and in the guaranteeing of respectable working conditions.

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