Cartiera is an ethical fashion workshop created in 2017.
It produces leather and fabric accessories, recovering high quality raw materials, processed according to the techniques of Made in Italy craftsmanship and employing people in disadvantaged conditions. Its production process is ethically and socially sustainable.

A Cartiera bag is not simply a bag. It represents a story of people and places. It is a vision for the future.


Cartiera is an ethical fashion workshop that offers concrete responses to the challenges of our time: the creation of new employment opportunities, the economic integration of migrants and asylum seekers, the rediscovery of qualified artisanship, the repopulation of former industrial areas, the recovery of primary materials otherwise destined for disposal, and a production which has minimal environmental impact. The value of Cartiera’s Made in Italy lies in the ethical standard of each and every fold of its creations.


Cartiera is the face of its people; the growth of our people is the heart of our production cycle. Cartiera is the dedication of Bassirou: originally from Burkina Faso, he now works as an artisan craftsman in the workshops of Lama di Reno. Cartiera is the fast-working hand of Mia, who learnt how to sew in Bangladesh and accepted this new challenge. Francesco is Cartiera: experts in leather-goods, he commute by train every morning to bring his experience on Bologna’s hills. Cartiera is the enthusiasm of its apprentices: through their work, they sew up the wounds of their past and build up an hand-made future.


Cartiera is situated in a special place, where people, stories, hopes, Italian and African traditions are intricately woven together. Cartiera bears its name from the old paper mill of Lama di Reno: once owned by the Italian publisher Angelo Rizzoli, the factory closed in 2006 after half a century of production. Aware of its heritage, Cartiera aims to bring new energy to a place where production was once at the centre of the community’s growth. Cartiera’s name is symbolic, recalling who we are and where we have come from. But Cartiera by no means lives with regrets: working with hands in the present, it keep a new future in its mind.

If you are a businessman/businesswoman and would like your business to be part of our ethical message, or if you are organising an event and are after an original idea, Cartiera is here to help.


Cartiera produces leather and fabric accessories, recovering high quality raw materials, processed according to the techniques of Made in Italy. When you order from Cartiera you automatically become part of an idea for the future. 

Headquarter: Via Lama di Reno, 34
Marzabotto (Bologna) – Italia
Pop-up store: Via Boldrini 14/G, Bologna

(+39) 344.0196381

Photo © Francesco Guidicini and Team Cartiera