Work Matters: testimonial

The Work Matters campaign will use testimonials to highlight how fair work can change people’s life.
Together with these testimonials, Cartiera’s workers will join the initiative.These include Bassirou, a craftsman, and Francesco, a master craftsman, who decided to share their skills and knowledge.
By purchasing the Bolgetta – Article 1, you will support the initiative, as well as Cartiera, in the promotion of regular work.

Bassirou Zigani

Here is the first testimony about the importance of fair work as a tool for social inclusion. Bassirou Zigani, Cartiera craftsman.

Francesco Banzola

Work is passed on. The second testimonial of the Work Matters Campaign is that of Francesco Banzola, one of the Cartiera master craftsmen. Francesco tell us how the ancient artisan skills of Made in Italy can only be passed on through direct experience. Work is passed on, because some crafts/jobs should not be forgotten.

Nazzarena Franco

The work unites: the third testimonial of the Il Lavoro Conta campaign is Nazzarena Franco, CEO of DHL Express Italy. The work unites and connects people with different opinions, backgrounds and cultures, promoting the creation of ever new networks.

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